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by Caitlin Saniga

The only sad part about ordering the hummus from Aladdin's is that there's never enough pita! Ask for double, or plan to get creative with dippers if you grab an order to go. But really, anything tastes better dunked in this stuff.

Sarah and I have long loved Aladdin's. We'd drive over to the Hudson, Ohio, location when we were living in Kent to order our favorite menu items (Mine's the chicken salad rolled pita with feta and toasted almonds, and Sarah loves the lentil-chili soup.). The last time we met up in Ohio, we visited the Akron location and caught up over dinner (Bill snapped this picture of us.). I love Aladdin's because the vibe is very comfortable yet classy. It's the type of place where you can grab lunch with a co-worker, have a nice dinner date or order a meal to go. And while the bulk of the chain's locations are in Northeast Ohio, I was surprised to see Aladdin's has spread out to places like Indiana and Virginia. Pull up the map on the Aladdin's website, and see for yourself!

I visited: Aladdin’s Eatery, which has a Mediterranean menu with lots of meat-free (and meat-full) options

I tried: Hummos, topped with fresh herbs, olive oil and a couple of sliced vegetables, served with pita

Why it stood out: I order the hummus at Aladdin’s every time I go, whether it’s for a sit-down meal at the restaurant or a to-go lunch. It’s a very smooth, simple hummus with a light sesame flavor and bright lemon notes. The fresh, warm, thin pita that comes with it makes the perfect dipper.

It cost: About $6, depending on the location

Find out more: Aladdin’s has locations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Indiana and Virginia.

*$6 Snacks is a recurring feature that reviews an area eatery’s snack — for $6 or less. Look at a map of the places we’ve tried.

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