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by Sarah Steimer

Totally OK for these to be messy and not that attractive because they are delicious.

Amount is totally dependent on how many you make, the original recipe was for 20. which is absurd.

  • graham crackers
  • peanut butter ice cream (I had vanilla and chocolate in my freezer, I let them soften a little and mixed in some peanut butter instead of buying more ice cream).
  • strawberry jelly
  • strawberries, sliced thin
  • peanuts, chopped

Break graham crackers into squares. Spread jelly on each cracker and place strawberry slices on top. Freeze for about a half hour or so. This way when you add the ice cream the jelly won’t slide off the cracker.

Add the ice cream once the jelly has frozen, enough so it’s about an inch thick. Top with another jelly cracker – you want jelly on the top and bottom of the ice cream, otherwise all you will taste is peanut butter.

I've been getting really good strawberries at the farmer's market.

Roll the sides of the ice cream in the crushed peanuts, pressing it gently into the ice cream with your hands. Pop back in the freezer so the ice cream and nuts can set. Serve with napkins and milk.

Recipe adapted from: Martha Stewart

Photos: Sarah Steimer

*Throughout June, “Freeze These” will feature our favorite frozen dessert recipes — all of which can be found here.

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