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See this map? These are all the places we've done $6 Snack reviews. Notice how most of the blue pins pop up in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia? We want to branch out. You can help us!

Point to any place on the map, and you’ll undoubtedly be able to find a place that sells good food for cheap. That’s why we started $6 Snack. It’s our way of telling each other and all of you about the awesome deals we found on tasty food in our area and on our travels. And it’s been fun! Who doesn’t love a good bargain or a good snack?

Awhile back, we looked at our map of $6 Snack spots and realized we have some work to do. Most of our reviews come from places near our homes, past and present. And while we know we haven’t even scratched the surface in our own stomping grounds, we’re hungry for even more. We want your ideas!

So we’re asking for your reviews!

Did we skip over your favorite place to get a $6 mojito in Akron, Ohio? Is there a taco truck in your neighborhood that offers cheap burritos that are to die for? A place that sells Oreos dipped in cake batter then fried in bacon grease? Tell us about it!

We’ve taken the hard work out of writing reviews by providing a flexible template of criteria for you to start out with.

Are you interested? Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Where did you visit? Tell us the name of the eatery, bar, etc. you visited, and tell us a little about it. What kind of menu does the place have? What is it known for? Let us know if there’s anything notable about the restaurant itself (It’s a food truck, or it’s located inside a grocery store … ).
  • What did you order? Tell us the name of the snack you tried as it looks on the menu. Doesn’t matter if it’s food or drink, as long as it’s $6 or less. Describe what you tried by including a few quick details.
  • Why did the snack stand out? What made you order this menu item? Have you tried it before? Is the restaurant known for this menu item? This is another opportunity to share your favorite details about the snack.
  • How much did it cost? An exact figure would be great! Grab a to-go menu, or write down the dollar amount on a napkin if you think you’ll forget.
  • Where can we find out more about this venue? Give us the address and phone number of the place. If there’s more than one location, include that, too. And if the place has a website, we’d love to include it.
  • Photos! With each review, we’ll want to see some pictures! Most importantly, please show us a photo of what you tried. Other good photos to submit would include pictures of the interior and exterior of the venue, including any details you deem important. While we appreciate beautiful, thoughtful photos, we’ve used cellphone photos in these reviews before, and we don’t mind if you submit them now. But please aim for quality if at all possible. (Shooting in natural sunlight seems to do wonders for food photos!) Please include caption information, too. Don’t leave us guessing about what’s pictured.

At the end of each post, we always include a little blurb that briefly explains $6 Snack. Expect to see that on your review. We also submit all of our $6 Snack reviews to UrbanSpoon. If we post your review, we’ll submit it to UrbanSpoon, and we’ll add a link to it at the bottom of the post.

At the top of the post, we’ll give you credit for your hard work.

Scratching your head about how all of this will look? Take a look at some of our most recent $6 Snack reviews that follow this format:

Still interested?

Send your thoughts, questions and reviews to us at dkscooks@gmail.com. I (Caitlin) will be handling most of the submissions, and Sarah will help me out as needed.

We’re so excited to see what you guys bring to the table!

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