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by Caitlin Saniga

Thai coconut-cashew rice with bits of roasted pineapple

My family spent a couple of weeks in Thailand visiting my aunt and uncle when I was a freshman in high school, and since then that time has come to be known as The Trip of a Lifetime. I think Grandma may have even used that as the title of her photo journal of the trip. Point is: I’ve never been on a vacation like that one. We rode on more than 10 forms of transportation (airplane, speedboat, tuk-tuk, elephant … ); watched the sunrise from a small, remote island; toured temples of gold, emerald and broken china; and we ate some amazing food. Most notable, perhaps, was the availability of fresh fruit in Thailand. I drank a fruit smoothie with almost every meal, and we’d stop at roadside food vendors for small plastic bags of fresh pineapple or melon on long skewers. One of my favorite Thai dinners was a rice dish that included cashews, vegetables and sometimes chicken. It was simple, filling and not at all spicy, which was important at the time. When I prepare this dish, I’m reminded of some of my favorite food memories of Thailand.


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