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by Caitlin Saniga

I tried the deluxe waffle with strawberries, and Eddie tried the kiwi version. Next time I go, I might pick up a couple of the frozen Liege waffles to go, which sell for $2 apiece.

Cast Iron Waffles also has waffle specials. On the day we went, they were serving a savory waffle with bacon and a sweet waffle with a variety of berries and cream.

I visited: Cast Iron Waffles, a coffee and waffles shop with indoor and outdoor seating

I tried: Liege waffles deluxe with Nutella, fruit and whipped cream

Why it stood out: Cast Iron Waffles serves brioche-style waffles made in a cast-iron waffle press. The waffles are made with what a server described as a “dough,” rather than a batter, studded with Belgian pearl sugar that crisps and caramelizes when the dough cooks in the press. I chose a deluxe waffle because it comes with a drizzle of warm Nutella, a choice of two seasonal fruits (The options on the day I went were strawberries, kiwi and bananas.) and a pile of homemade whipped cream. The waffle was dense and smelled like vanilla, and the portion was perfect for breakfast or a snack,even though the dough didn’t fill out an entire square.

It cost: $4.25

How cute is this place?

Find out more:
9604 Longstone Lane, Charlotte, NC 28277

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