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by Caitlin Saniga

Polichinki with grilled apricot filling, Greek yogurt and spicy candied walnuts

I vividly remember many Sunday afternoons of my childhood spent sitting at Baboo’s kitchen table with three plates spread out in front of me: one for a never-ending supply of super-thin fried pancakes, one to use as a filling and rolling station and another one to pile up the finished palacinka. Baboo kept two or three pans going on the stove at one time, and she didn’t stop until she’d made enough pancakes for our whole family (six at the time), which was about 30 palacinka. My goal was to keep the supply plate empty, so with as much efficiency as I could muster, I’d select jelly or yogurt or cottage cheese, and then fill and roll the palacinka, creating an ever-larger mound. My favorite filling was strawberry jelly, but we experimented with lots of flavors: grape, mint, raspberry, even apple butter. But Baboo’s favorite was apricot. With that in mind, I created this recipe. I doubt she’d ever make something like this in her kitchen, but I bet she’d have liked it.


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