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Here at So Hungry, we are gearing up for some serious cookie baking and fattening of friends, family and coworkers. We’re also putting together a great holiday cookie guide for you all to browse while putting together your own sugary menus! While your mouths water in anticipation, tell us…

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Let this be a preview of sorts for next month’s guide. We want to know which nuts you love the most. Take our quick poll, and don’t be shy about adding your favorites to the list if you don’t see them there. Also, you can vote more than once.

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This blog has been here for more than two years and has always benefited from the fact that there are two contributors, Sarah and Caitlin, who share ideas, try new things and push each other. But we’re always looking for more ways to know our audience better because we believe that the better we know you and the more ideas we all share, the better this blog can be. So please, take five minutes to complete our survey. And leave comments at the bottom of this page to make note of anything we missed or anything you think we should know. We’ll share the results with you within the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for your input and time!

— Caitlin and Sarah

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