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by Caitlin Saniga and Sarah Steimer

Wine and chocolate? Can’t complain. Normally wine is paired with a full meal, or various aspects of the meal. We decided to take that information and pair red wines with different types of chocolate. These pairings are a great idea for a small party — or just for you and that hunk of burning love that is lucky enough to call you his or her own. Or it can be just for you (how do you suppose we tested out this guide?).

And please note: We’re not experts.

Red zinfandel and ginger-orange spiced dark chocolate

Red zinf and spicy dark chocolate

The wine: Red zinfandels have a medium to heavy body with spicy, sometimes fruity notes.

The pairing: Red zinfs pair well with desserts that have spice — think gingerbreads and carrot cake. With that in mind, I went with a ginger-orange dark chocolate.

— S


Pinot noir with caramel milk chocolate

Merlot with caramel milk chocolate

The wine: Pinot noir is a light red wine with notes of vanilla, strawberry and raspberry and pairs well with milk chocolates. It can range in color from cherry to purple.

The pairing: This wine is a natural dessert partner with creme brulee, a custard topped with caramelized sugar. The vanilla aromas pair nicely with the caramel chocolate.

— C


Cabernet sauvignon with espresso chocolate

Cabernet Sauvignon with espresso chocolate.

The wine: Cabernets can be a nice, mellow wine. They often have notes of currants, along with oak and a bit of vanilla.

The pairing: When served with desserts, Cabernet sauvignon matches up well with treats that have a coffee flavoring — which is why I chose a chocolate that has an espresso flavoring. (Could you imagine this with tiramisu? Sounds perfect.)

— S


Shiraz with raspberry dark chocolate

The wine: Shiraz has aromas of blackberry, plum, and pepper. It can be

Shiraz with raspberry dark chocolate

prepared in a fruity style, which many sweet wine drinkers like.

The pairing: With its dark berry and plum flavors, this wine pairs nicely with the fruitiness and tinge of bitterness of raspberry dark chocolate. Don’t like raspberries? I was tempted to try blackberry and blueberry dark chocolates I spotted at the store.

— C

Sources: WineIntro.com and Savory.tv

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